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Transcript: Welch Rips Trump Efforts to Undermine Mueller Investigation

"Make no mistake about it. Through their words and actions, President Trump and his allies are doing everything they can to destroy the independent investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Through provocative tweets – “WITCH HUNT!” Through reckless actions—firing Director Comey and Assistant Director McCabe. Through provocative statements—his personal attorney calling for an end to the investigation. The question, Mr. Speaker, is not what the president wants to do or may do. The question is, will Congress do what it must do: protect the Mueller investigation? A number of us have a bill that would do just that, requiring a three-judge panel to approve any dismissal. Mr. Speaker, no American is above the law. No Member of Congress is above the law. And no member of the Executive Branch is above the law, including President Trump. Mr. Speaker, let the House vote on our bill. Make each one of us accountable to our constituents on the rule of law. Will we vote to protect the Mueller investigation, or will we acquiesce to the president’s threats and temper tantrums? Mr. Speaker, let us vote!"