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Rep. Welch's Remarks on the House Floor Introducing President Trump to Rutland's Two Refugee Families

Madame Speaker, I wish to introduce President Trump to two Syrian families who made it to safety in Rutland, Vermont just a week before he slammed the door.

The Alhallak family is from Damascus.  The Khatib family is from Aleppo.

These families survived a home being bombed, Al-Queda and ISIS terrorists, and the brutal violence of the Assad regime.  They found temporary refuge in Turkey.  

They have now found permanent freedom in Vermont.

These good people endured all of these hardships to do what all parents strive to do – protect their children from harm.

Mr. Speaker, I wish President Trump was with me last Thursday in Rutland to meet the Alhallaks and the Khatibs.

Do we REALLY fear these families when they have been rigorously vetted?

And I wish the President was with me to meet the generous people of Rutland.  They had good questions about the refugee program -- its cost and their security.

But, Madame Speaker, unlike President Trump, the folks in Rutland NEVER, NEVER wanted to ban Muslims and welcome only Christians. I yield back.