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Rep. Welch Remarks on the GOP Tax Bill

“I have a question to my colleagues: What do you have against students? This tax bill means that if an employer provides tuition assistance, they’re going to have to pay income tax on that, the student will. Students who borrow money to go to school have to pay interest on the loan. Students who want to get low interest rates are going to have to pay higher interest rates because of the elimination of the private activity bond.

And the second question I have is this: What do you have against democracy? This bill was written in secret. There were no public hearings on this bill. Nobody had a chance to have any input. And that is why, if you asked 435 members of Congress if they want to raise taxes on students, the answer from 435 members would be no. But, you have rigged this bill so that we have literally no opportunity to offer a single amendment. That is wrong. This bill was written by and for the donor class. Let’s defeat this bill and stand up for the middle class.”