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Rep. Welch Opening Remarks at the Energy & Commerce Committee Markup of the American Health Care Act

Thank you Mr. Chairman. You know there’s been a lot of discussion about the fact that this bill has just appeared yesterday and that it was being hidden.

Was it really being hidden from Democrats in America or was it being hidden from your Freedom Caucus?

They say that this bill is a phony repeal of Obamacare. And you want to know something? They’re right! Because there is a lot of plagiarism in this bill. The insurance reforms that all of you voted against--you’re now bragging you’re keeping.

The subsidies that you say are horrible: you have changed from a direct subsidy that actually provided meaningful access to health care to on the cheap tax credits that don’t do the job. But that’s an entitlement you say you’re against.

The mandate: you decry the mandate, but what you’ve done is imposed a 30% penalty, and the revenues don’t go to the health care program, the revenues go to the insurance companies! What is going on here?

Video available here.