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Welch Reaction to Landmark Supreme Court Decision on Internet Sales Tax Collection Case

June 21, 2018
Press Release

Representative Peter Welch (D-Vt) issued the following statement in response to today’s landmark Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, a long awaited internet sales tax case that paves the way for states to require the collection of sales taxes by large online retailers. Welch is the leading House advocate for leveling the competitive playing field between small downtown business and large online retailers. He is a lead sponsor of H.R. 2193, the Remote Transactions Parity Act.

“This important decision gives Vermont’s downtown businesses a fighting chance to succeed in a global economy. For too long our small entrepreneurs, who are required to collect state sales tax, have endured cutthroat competition from sales tax-exempt online businesses selling identical products.  When a consumer can walk into a downtown store, try out a product, then go home and buy it online at a lower price, Main Street stores lose out. This decision levels the playing field and will help Vermont’s downtowns thrive.”