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Statement of Rep. Peter Welch on the Guilty Verdict in Minneapolis

April 20, 2021
Press Release

This verdict is a relief. My hope is that George Floyd’s loved ones receive some comfort in this verdict, but it will not bring him back into their lives. George Floyd was publicly murdered on camera for the world to see, and after too many Black men suffering the same fate at the hands of law enforcement, our justice system has finally offered some measure of accountability by holding Officer Chauvin responsible for the murder he committed. The horrific evidence of this crime was beamed across the world and was there for all of us to see. It was there to see for the bystanders who tried to intervene. It was there to see for the police officials who testified against Officer Chauvin. And it was there to see for the jury who delivered this verdict. We all saw Officer Chauvin, who, with his hands resting nonchalantly in his pockets, spent more than nine long minutes brutally murdering Mr. Floyd as he pleaded for his life.

This verdict is an important step for our country as we wrestle with centuries of injustice. But there is so much more work to do in our communities, in the halls of Congress, and in each of our lives to build a society free of bigotry and inequality. We all must commit to do the work, every day.