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Rep. Welch Reaction to President Trump's Speech to Joint Session of Congress

March 1, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Welch made the following statement after President Trump's first speech to the joint session of Congress: 

"Tonight President Trump delivered a speech soft in tone but steeped in the all too familiar hard-edged policy agenda of his campaign. He proposes the repeal of the Affordable Care Act with no credible plan to replace it. He wants to build a wall on our southern border that is not necessary nor will it be effective. His budget and tax proposals will dramatically increase the deficit and income inequality while shifting an enormous financial burden to Vermont and other states. And he wants to dramatically increase a bloated Pentagon budget at the expense of working Americans, hospitals, seniors, college students, and the middle class. While I hope to find common ground with him on rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and cutting the cost of prescription drugs, I believe his actions going forward will speak louder than his words tonight."