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WPTZ: Welch pledges fight to retain full service at U.S. Postal Service

December 4, 2015
In The News

Burlington, VT---Rep. Peter Welch says Congress should stop meddling in the management of the U.S. Postal Service.

The Vermont Democrat said the agency battered by the 2008 recession, and a dramatic shift toward electronic mail, has now stabilized its finances and expects to deliver 15 billion pieces of mail over the holiday season. 

Welch decried a congressional mandate that the USPS to set aside $5 billion for future retirement benefits -- for employees not yet born -- and then complain the agency is not sufficiently profitable. He said the sum was clearly excessive. 

"The tug of war in Congress right now is that there are some folks who basically think it ought to be privatized, and not maintained with the standard of six-day (per week) delivery," Welch said.

Walking part of a mail route in Burlington's Old North End Friday with letter carrier John Rovnak, Welch said the U.S. should preserve what is already the best mail service in the world.

He said rural post offices and Saturday mail delivery provide good jobs and a lifeline to their communities.