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WCAX: Welch Takes Aim at Proposed Canadian Trade Tariffs

June 13, 2018
In The News

Rep. Peter Welch says President Donald Trump is playing Russian roulette with Vermont jobs by threatening to impose tariffs on Canada.

The Democratic Congressman held a news conference with industry representatives Tuesday to decry the president's posturing toward Vermont's largest trading partner. Welch noted 19,000 Vermont jobs are linked to trade with Canada. Vermont exports $1.2 billion worth of goods to Canada.

Agrimark Dairy Cooperative's Bob Wellington says Canada has made it tough for Vermont farmers, but tariffs won't help. "We don't believe tariffs are a tool that work economically -- they don't work for dairy farmers. We don't think anybody should be using them. We need to solve our issues with Canada but we don't think this is the right way to do it," Wellington said.

"We don't have the issues with Canada that we have with China. In fact, we have such favorable trade relationships with Canada that it's an engine of job creation here in the state of Vermont and it is mutually beneficial to us and Canada," Welch said.

Welch says he hopes his colleagues in Congress will help push back on the President's trade positions.