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WCAX: VT workers need Homeland Security budget passed

February 24, 2015
In The News


Congressman Peter Welch says if a budget is not passed for the Department of Homeland Security, Vermont workers will feel it.

The move would leave roughly 2,500 DHS employees in the state working without a paycheck, including TSA workers and border patrol agents.

Welch says Vermonters are telling him to solve the problem.

"They're telling us to pass a bill, get the job done. These folks work hard, we depend on them and how in the world can Congress expect people to do their job that we assign them and we don't pay them," said Welch, D-Vermont.

Congress has until Friday at midnight to approve funding before department employees would be required to show up to work without getting paid. Senate Republicans say they will no longer use a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security as a tool to stop President Obama's actions on immigration.