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A Foreign Policy Worthy of the Sacrifice of Soldiers

America must remain strong and protect its national security, but we have always been strongest when we have worked constructively with the international community.
Rep. Welch listens to students at a Vermont elementary school

Affordable College Education

"For many Vermonters, a college degree is increasingly out of reach.  Those who do get their diploma are often saddled with a mountain of student loan debt.  Congress must increase student financial aid and give borrowers the opportunity to refinance student loans at today’s lower rates.

Clean Energy and Lower Bills

"America simply cannot afford an energy policy that leaves us dependent upon fossil fuels, beholden to hostile foreign governments, and responsible for degrading our environment. We must embrace a new energy future that invests in energy efficiency, promotes renewable energy and reduces carbon pollution."

Fighting For Our Farms

Helping Farmers Thrive

As family farmers face unprecedented challenges, it is vital to our economy, our landscape, our sense of place and our culture that we do all we can to help them succeed.
Rep. Welch at the groundbreaking for Otter Creek's new brewing facility

Improving the Economy

My top priority in Congress is to mitigate the economic impact on Vermont families and businesses, help them regain their footing and provide them with the tools they need to recover and succeed.

Middle Class

With every issue I face in Congress – from health care to education to energy – I am focused on increasing affordability and expanding the middle class.


Government works best when it operates transparently and is subject to strict oversight.

Promoting and Expanding Access to Technology

"In a global economy, all Vermonters and all Vermont businesses must have access to high speed internet and emerging technologies to be connected and competitive. An explosion in technological advancements is benefitting all sectors of our economy.

Protecting the Environment

"Climate change is real and has serious consequences for our economy, our livelihoods, and our health.  You don't have to go any further than communities across Vermont to hear about its early impacts. Just ask the businesses and families wiped out by Tropical Storm Irene. Ask ski lift operators worried about losing their jobs as the season shortens.

Quality and Affordable Health Care

Like most Vermonters, I believe affordable access to quality health care is a fundamental right of all Americans.
Rep. Welch visits Jasper Hill Cellars in Greensboro, VT

Supporting Entrepreneurs

My job in Congress is to help Vermont businesses succeed – by providing access to federal resources and by supporting legislation that helps them thrive.


Vermonters have a long and proud tradition of military service, and our state has a history of contributing far in excess of its size to the defense of our nation.