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Affordable Health Care for Every American

Peter strongly believes that every American has a right to affordable health care. He is fighting to cut the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs and advance cost-effective telemedicine technology.

Clean Elections

Citizens United has opened a floodgate of corporate and unregulated dark money in federal elections. Peter is working to overturn the horrendous decision and enact public financing of political campaigns.

Clean Energy and Lower Bills

Peter is the leading advocate in the House for investing in energy efficiency which will create jobs, cut energy bills, and reduce carbon emissions.

Common Sense Gun Safety Reform

Peter strongly believes that we can enact common sense gun safety reforms without undermining Second Amendment rights.

Creating Good Jobs and Rebuilding America’s Middle Class

One of Peter’s top priorities in Congress is rebuilding the American middle class and creating job opportunities for American workers.

Fighting for Vermont’s Farmers

Peter is working hard to support Vermont’s farmers, especially struggling dairy farmers who are facing unprecedented economic challenges.

Fighting for Veterans

Peter strongly believes the cost of any war must includes the cost of supporting and caring for our veterans and their families.

Impeachment of President Donald Trump

Peter supports the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Below is information on the history and process of impeachment as well as on the impeachment of President Trump.

Making College Education Affordable

Higher education is the gateway to the American middle class. Peter is working to make a college degree affordable and reduce the crushing burden of student loan debt.

Making the Tax Code Work for Working Americans

Peter strongly supports reforming the tax code to make it work for hard working Americans rather than the top one percent of Americans.

Protecting the Planet

Combating climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. Peter is taking on climate change deniers in Congress and fighting for policies that transition America to a clean energy economy.

Protecting the Rights of All Americans

Peter is fighting to protect the individual and civil rights of every American from discrimination on the basis of gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.