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3.13 Floor Remarks on Mueller Report

I thank the gentleman. Mr. Speaker, I don’t know what’s in the Mueller report and neither do you. The American people don’t know what’s in the Mueller report, but they want to know, and I want to know as you do. And why not? 81% of the American people polled say they want to know and that includes 79% of the Republicans. That’s good news. Because, what we do know without knowing the details of the Mueller report is that really bad stuff happened in the last election. Some of it was in a campaign, and some of it was in a foreign country that is our severe adversary, and I speak of course of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. But the bad stuff, the former campaign foreign policy advisor, indicted and convicted, Mr. Papadopoulos. A former campaign manager on his way to jail, Mr. Manafort. A former campaign aide, and Manafort’s longtime junior business partner, indicted. A former foreign policy national security advisor pleaded guilty, Mr. Flynn. This is high levels of a campaign where crimes are not just being discussed, there have been convictions and guilty pleas. What’s behind all of that? We need to know. And incidentally Mr. Speaker, the American people are footing the bill for this, about $25 million as far as we can tell. They’ve got a right to know. But in addition to whatever happened in the campaign, really bad stuff happened in Russia, we know from our own intelligence agencies that Russia made a concerted effort and determined effort, a well-financed effort to interfere in our election.

Outside interference goes to the heart of our democracy. The most important challenge for our country is that we, the citizens of this country, make the decision on who is our President, who are our Senators, who are our Representatives, and we have to get to the bottom of what Russia did, how they did it, so that we can take steps to make certain that that does not happen in the future, and it’s the American people who decide is their leader. Release the Mueller report. Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.